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    libnm, core, cli, tui: fix the capitalization of various types · 3ac0f528
    Dan Winship authored
    GLib/Gtk have mostly settled on the convention that two-letter
    acronyms in type names remain all-caps (eg, "IO"), but longer acronyms
    become initial-caps-only (eg, "Tcp").
    NM was inconsistent, with most long acronyms using initial caps only
    (Adsl, Cdma, Dcb, Gsm, Olpc, Vlan), but others using all caps (DHCP,
    PPP, PPPOE, VPN). Fix libnm and src/ to use initial-caps only for all
    three-or-more-letter-long acronyms (and update nmcli and nmtui for the
    libnm changes).
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