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    core: give better error reason why device is incompatible with profile · 33a88ca5
    Thomas Haller authored
    Note the special error codes  NM_UTILS_ERROR_CONNECTION_AVAILABLE_*.
    This will be used to determine, whether the profile is fundamentally
    incompatible with the device, or whether just some other properties
    mismatch. That information will be importand during a plain `nmcli
    connection up`, where NetworkManager searches all devices for a device
    to activate. If no device is found (and multiple errors happened),
    we want to show the error that is most likely relevant for the user.
    Also note, how NMDevice's check_connection_compatible() uses the new
    class field "device_class->connection_type_check_compatible" to simplify
    checks for compatible profiles.
    The error reason is still unused.
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