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    build: cleanup default includes · 2c2d9d2e
    Thomas Haller authored
    - "gsystem-local-alloc.h" and <gio/gio.h> are already included via
      "nm-default.h". No need to include them separately.
    - include "nm-macros-internal.h" via "nm-default.h" and drop all
      explict includes.
    - in the modified files, ensure that we always include "config.h"
      and "nm-default.h" first. As second, include the header file
      for the current source file (if applicable). Then follow external
      includes and finally internal nm includes.
    - include nm headers inside source code files with quotes
    - internal header files don't need to include default headers.
      They can savely assume that "nm-default.h" is already included
      and with it glib, nm-glib.h, nm-macros-internal.h, etc.
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