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    shared: build helper "libnm-libnm-core-{intern|aux}.la" library for libnm-core · 284ac92e
    Thomas Haller authored
    "libnm-core" implements common functionality for "NetworkManager" and
    Note that clients like "nmcli" cannot access the internal API provided
    by "libnm-core". So, if nmcli wants to do something that is also done by
    "libnm-core", , "libnm", or "NetworkManager", the code would have to be
    Instead, such code can be in "libnm-libnm-core-{intern|aux}.la".
    Note that:
      0) "libnm-libnm-core-intern.la" is used by libnm-core itsself.
         On the other hand, "libnm-libnm-core-aux.la" is not used by
         libnm-core, but provides utilities on top of it.
      1) they both extend "libnm-core" with utlities that are not public
         API of libnm itself. Maybe part of the code should one day become
         public API of libnm. On the other hand, this is code for which
         we may not want to commit to a stable interface or which we
         don't want to provide as part of the API.
      2) "libnm-libnm-core-intern.la" is statically linked by "libnm-core"
         and thus directly available to "libnm" and "NetworkManager".
         On the other hand, "libnm-libnm-core-aux.la" may be used by "libnm"
         and "NetworkManager".
         Both libraries may be statically linked by libnm clients (like
      3) it must only use glib, libnm-glib-aux.la, and the public API
         of libnm-core.
         This is important: it must not use "libnm-core/nm-core-internal.h"
         nor "libnm-core/nm-utils-private.h" so the static library is usable
         by nmcli which couldn't access these.
    Note that "shared/nm-meta-setting.c" is an entirely different case,
    because it behaves differently depending on whether linking against
    "libnm-core" or the client programs. As such, this file must be compiled
    (cherry picked from commit af07ed01)
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