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    core: introduce device 'allowed-connections' property · 72f6edb0
    Beniamino Galvani authored
    Configuration can have [device*] and [connection*] settings and both
    can include a 'match-device=' key, which is a list of device-specs.
    Introduce a new 'allowed-connections' key for [device*] sections,
    which specifies a list of connection-specs to indicate which
    connections can be activated on the device.
    With this, it becomes possible to have a device configuration like:
    so that NM in the real root ignores connections created by the
    nm-initrd-generator, and starts activating a persistent
    connection. This requires also setting 'keep-configuration=no' to not
    generate an assumed connection.
    (cherry picked from commit bace14fe)
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