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    connectivity: schedule connectivity timers per-device and probe for short outages · 0a62a0e9
    Thomas Haller authored
    It might happen, that connectivitiy is lost only for a moment and
    returns soon after. Based on that assumption, when we loose connectivity
    we want to have a probe interval where we check for returning
    connectivity more frequently.
    For that, we handle tracking of the timeouts per-device.
    The intervall shall start with 1 seconds, and double the interval time until
    the full interval is reached. Actually, due to the implementation, it's unlikely
    that we already perform the second check 1 second later. That is because commonly
    the first check returns before the one second timeout is reached and bumps the
    interval to 2 seconds right away.
    Also, we go through extra lengths so that manual connectivity check
    delay the periodic checks. By being more smart about that, we can reduce
    the number of connectivity checks, but still keeping the promise to
    check at least within the requested interval.
    The complexity of book keeping the timeouts is remarkable. But I think
    it is worth the effort and we should try hard to
     - have a connectivity state as accurate as possible. Clearly,
       connectivity checking means that we probing, so being more intelligent
       about timeout and backoff timers can result in a better connectivity
       state. The connectivity state is important because we use it for
       the default-route penaly and the GUI indicates bad connectivity.
     - be intelligent about avoiding redundant connectivity checks. While
       we want to check often to get an accurate connectivity state, we
       also want to minimize the number of HTTP requests, in case the
       connectivity is established and suppossedly stable.
    Also, perform connectivity checks in every state of the device.
    Even if a device is disconnected, it still might have connectivity,
    for example if the user externally adds an IP address on an unmanaged
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