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    2004-07-15 Dan Williams <dcbw@redhat.com> · 088b0d8e
    Dan Williams authored
    	* src/Makefile.am
    		- Turn on warnings
    	* src/NetworkManager.c
    		- nm_create_device_and_add_to_list(): call nm_device_deactivate() rather
    			that doing the deactivation ourselves
    		- Cancel an pending actions on a device if its being removed
    		- Break up link state checking a bit, make non-active wireless cards
    			deactivated to save power
    		- Remove unused variables
    	* src/NetworkManager.h
    		- Add support for "pending" device
    	* src/NetworkManagerAP.h
    		- Add support for determining whether and AP has encryption enabled or not
    		- AP address is now "struct ether_addr" rather than a string
    	* src/NetworkManagerDbus.h
    		- Add signal NeedKeyForNetwork, method SetKeyForNetwork (testing only)
    		- Changes for AP address from struct ether_addr->string
    	* src/NetworkManagerDevice.h
    		- Remove unused variables, fix warnings
    		- Add support for Pending Actions (things that block a device from being "active"
    			until they are completed).
    		- First pending action:  Get a WEP key from the user
    		- Add nm_device_is_wire[d|less](), rename nm_device_is_wireless()
    		- Clean up explicit testing of dev->iface_type to use nm_device_is_wireless()
    		- Update wireless link checking to try to determine if the AP we are associated
    			with is correct, but the WEP key we are using is just wrong.  If its wrong,
    			trigger the GetUserKey pending action on the device
    		- If dhclient can't get an IP address, it brings the device down.  Bring it back
    			up in that case, otherwise we can't scan or link-check on it
    		- Add IP address change notifications at appropriate points (still needs some work)
    		- Add nm_device_need_ap_switch(), checks whether we need to switch access points or not
    	* src/NetworkManagerPolicy.h
    		- Split out "best" access point determiniation into separate function
    		- Make device activation 2-stage:  first the device is pending, then
    			in the next iteration through it becomes "active" unless it has
    			pending actions
    	* src/NetworkManagerUtils.h
    		- Clean up unused variables and warnings
    		- Wrap our debug macros in {} to prevent possible confusion
    	* src/NetworkManagerWireless.c
    		- Forgot to return current best priority, which lead to last available AP always
    			being chosen no matter what its priority was.  Corrected.
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