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    core: use router preference for IPv6 routes · 032b4e43
    Thomas Haller authored
    For routes and the default-route from NDisc, set the router preference
    Also, previously, we would only configure one IPv6 default-route. That by itself
    was not really a problem, as long as NetworkManager would always make sure that
    it configured the route to the ~best~ router.
    Actually, NM should have done that already. It keeps the list of gateways
    sorted, and prefers them according to their preference. But maybe
    it didn't, so we have bug rh#1445417 (??).
    Change that by configuring a default-route for all gateways, with
    appropriate router prefrence. In case, kernel doesn't support RTA_PREF
    yet, only configure all routes that share the same maxiumum preference.
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