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    libnm-core: add dbus-only properties to NMSettingClass · 002b19f4
    Dan Winship authored
    Add _nm_setting_class_add_dbus_only_property(), for declaring
    properties that appear in the D-Bus serialization, but which don't
    correspond to GObject properties.
    Since some property overrides will require examining settings other
    than the setting that they are on (eg, the value of
    802-11-wireless.security depends on whether an
    NMSettingWirelessSecurity setting is present, and
    NMSettingConnection:interface-name might sometimes be set from, eg,
    bond.interface-name), we also update _nm_setting_to_dbus() to take the
    full NMConnection as an argument, and _nm_setting_new_from_dbus() to
    take the full connection hash.
    Additionally, with some deprecated properties, we'll want to validate
    them on construction, but we don't need to keep the value around after
    that. So allow _nm_setting_new_from_dbus() to return a verification
    error directly, so we don't need to store the value until the verify()
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