Commit f2453a4f authored by Mark Janes's avatar Mark Janes

mesa jenkins updates due to mesa=19c608fe43ae7e157892
HSW support is partial for vulkan
parent ec3cbad5
......@@ -84,6 +84,7 @@ func.event.cmd_buffer = crucible bf85eef
func.event.wait_preset = crucible bf85eef
func.event.wait_set_later = crucible bf85eef
func.sync.semaphore-fd.opaque-fd-no-sync = crucible 3d8a45cbacc140f3d1ce3de68e66ec2e5ce6909e
func.renderpass.clear.color-render-area = mesa 19c608fe43ae7e1578920326690a361ff1be9d88
[expected-crashes] = crucible d7f4d6b
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