Commit 641fbcd7 authored by Mark Janes's avatar Mark Janes

crucible: filter tests which have stale test status

The crucible component was implemented without the logic to examine
the revisions recorded in test configuration files.  Crucible tests
fixed on master showed failure status on stable branches.
parent 53c592a2
......@@ -13,6 +13,8 @@ def post_process_results(xml):
t = ET.parse(xml)
o = bs.Options()
conf = None
long_revisions = bs.RepoSet().branch_missing_revisions()
missing_revisions = [a_rev[:6] for a_rev in long_revisions]
conf = bs.get_conf_file(o.hardware, o.arch, project="crucible-test")
except bs.NoConfigFile:
......@@ -20,20 +22,41 @@ def post_process_results(xml):
if conf:
# key=name, value=status
expected_status = {}
changed_commit = {}
c = ConfigParser.SafeConfigParser(allow_no_value=True)
for section in c.sections():
for (test, _) in c.items(section):
for (test, commit) in c.items(section):
if test in expected_status:
raise Exception("test has multiple entries: " + test)
expected_status[test] = section
changed_commit[test] = commit
for atest in t.findall(".//testcase"):
if atest.attrib["name"] not in expected_status:
test_name = atest.attrib["name"]
if atest.attrib["status"] == "lost":
atest.attrib["status"] = "crash"
if test_name not in expected_status:
expected = expected_status[atest.attrib["name"]]
test_is_stale = False
for missing_commit in missing_revisions:
if missing_commit in changed_commit[test_name]:
test_is_stale = True
# change stale test status to skip
for ftag in atest.findall("failure"):
for ftag in atest.findall("error"):
so = ET.Element("system-out")
so.text = "WARN: the results of this were changed by " + changed_commit[test_name]
so.text += ", which is missing from this build."
if test_is_stale:
if expected == "expected-failures":
# change fail to pass
if atest.attrib["status"] == "fail":
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