bluetooth/gst: Unify encoder and decoder pipeline setup

The encoding and decoding pipeline are essentially identical: both push
data in via an appsrc, route it through a codec-specific (opaque)
element, and finally pull data out of an appsink. The code already makes
it impossible to have an encoding and decoding pipeline simultaneously
set up in `gst_info`, and converting `bool for_encoding` to a tri-state
(encode, decode, or both) would be messy; particularly when encoding and
decoding could possibly differ in format.

This change removes a swath of code and removes the possibility of
misusing `enc_` or `dec_` in the wrong place (ie. after copying a bit of
code and forgetting to rename one or two). When bidirectional codecs
come online a second codec instance (`gst_info`) can simply be created
and controlled independently.

Part-of: <pulseaudio/pulseaudio!487>
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