Commit f62a49b8 authored by Hui Wang's avatar Hui Wang Committed by Tanu Kaskinen
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stream-restore: skip entries set on source from gnome-control-center

When users select an input device from gnome-control-center UI, the
source of this input device will be set to the
configured_default_source and the default_source, these actions are
expected, but after these actions, the gnome-control-center will call
extension_cb() to modify the entries in the database, let all stream
entries to bind the source users select, this is not correct since the
source is default_source now.

This is a temp fix for this issue, after gnome-control-center fixes
this problem, this patch should be reverted.
Signed-off-by: Hui Wang's avatarHui Wang <>
parent 5e0d5a86
......@@ -1987,11 +1987,13 @@ static int extension_cb(pa_native_protocol *p, pa_module *m, pa_native_connectio
/* When users select an output device from gnome-control-center, the gnome-control-center will change all entries
* in the database to bind the sink of this output device, this is not correct since at this moment, the sink is
* default_sink and we shouldn't bind a stream to default_sink via preferred_sink or database.
* default_sink and we shouldn't bind a stream to default_sink via preferred_sink or database. This also applies
* to source, default_source and preferred_source.
* After gnome-control-center fix the issue, let us remove this code */
client_name = pa_strnull(pa_proplist_gets(pa_native_connection_get_client(c)->proplist, PA_PROP_APPLICATION_PROCESS_BINARY));
if (pa_safe_streq(client_name, "gnome-control-center")) {
if (entry->device_valid && m->core->default_sink && pa_safe_streq(device, m->core->default_sink->name)) {
if (entry->device_valid && ((m->core->default_sink && pa_safe_streq(device, m->core->default_sink->name)) ||
(m->core->default_source && pa_safe_streq(device, m->core->default_source->name)))) {
pa_pstream_send_tagstruct(pa_native_connection_get_pstream(c), reply);
return 0;
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