Commit ef1df946 authored by Jaroslav Kysela's avatar Jaroslav Kysela Committed by Arun Raghavan
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alsa-ucm: do not try to use UCM device name as jack name by default

Remove the implicit rule. It is perfectly ok to have the jack with
the same name for another I/O in the driver. Trust only the
value obtained from UCM.
Signed-off-by: Jaroslav Kysela's avatarJaroslav Kysela <>
parent 4c64f73c
......@@ -1522,9 +1522,8 @@ static pa_alsa_jack* ucm_get_jack(pa_alsa_ucm_config *ucm, pa_alsa_ucm_device *d
* end, so drop the trailing " Jack". */
name = pa_xstrndup(jack_control, strlen(jack_control) - 5);
} else {
/* The jack control hasn't been explicitly configured - try a jack name
* that is the same as the device name. */
name = pa_xstrdup(device_name);
/* The jack control hasn't been explicitly configured, fail. */
return NULL;
PA_LLIST_FOREACH(j, ucm->jacks)
......@@ -1603,7 +1602,8 @@ static int ucm_create_profile(
ucm_create_mapping(ucm, ps, p, dev, verb_name, name, sink, source);
jack = ucm_get_jack(ucm, dev);
device_set_jack(dev, jack);
if (jack)
device_set_jack(dev, jack);
/* JackHWMute contains a list of device names. Each listed device must
* be associated with the jack object that we just created. */
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