Commit eb70672c authored by Lucas Stach's avatar Lucas Stach
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meson: fix build files list when building with NEON

Sync the meson NEON build files list with the autotools build
sources list. Fixes "ERROR: File svolume_neon.c does not exist."
parent 728a4402
......@@ -174,7 +174,7 @@ simd = import('unstable-simd')
libpulsecore_simd = simd.check('libpulsecore_simd',
mmx : ['remap_mmx.c', 'svolume_mmx.c'],
sse : ['remap_sse.c', 'sconv_sse.c', 'svolume_sse.c'],
neon : ['remap_neon.c', 'sconv_neon.c', 'svolume_neon.c'],
neon : ['remap_neon.c', 'sconv_neon.c', 'mix_neon.c'],
c_args : [pa_c_args],
include_directories : [configinc, topinc],
implicit_include_directories : false,
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