Commit dd83bf0a authored by pali's avatar pali

bluetooth: policy: Do not fail when pa_card_set_profile() returns non-zero value

Profile changing may happen asynchronously, real change may be delayed and in this case pa_card_set_profile() returns non-zero value.
parent cd40a1b3
......@@ -180,10 +180,7 @@ static void card_set_profile(struct userdata *u, pa_card *card, const char *reve
pa_log_debug("Setting card '%s' from profile '%s' to profile '%s'", card->name, old_profile_name, profile->name);
if (pa_card_set_profile(card, profile, false) != 0) {
pa_log_warn("Could not set profile '%s'", profile->name);
pa_card_set_profile(card, profile, false);
/* When not reverting, store data for future reverting */
if (!revert_to_profile_name) {
......@@ -397,8 +394,7 @@ static pa_hook_result_t profile_available_hook_callback(pa_core *c, pa_card_prof
pa_log_debug("Setting card '%s' to profile '%s'", card->name, selected_profile->name);
if (pa_card_set_profile(card, selected_profile, false) != 0)
pa_log_warn("Could not set profile '%s'", selected_profile->name);
pa_card_set_profile(card, selected_profile, false);
return PA_HOOK_OK;
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