Commit cdcb0188 authored by Tanu Kaskinen's avatar Tanu Kaskinen
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switch-on-connect: Blacklist HDMI devices by default

As the comment says, switching to HDMI automatically often causes
problems. Commit bae8c16b
("switch-on-connect: Do not ignore HDMI sinks") enabled switching to
HDMI earlier. It was known already then that HDMI monitors don't
necessarily have speakers on them, but I accepted the patch on the
basis that module-switch-on-connect acts only if the card profile is
switched to HDMI, so if switching to HDMI is wrong, then already the
profile switch should cause problems. I didn't think of the case where
the default sink is on some other card, in which case switching the
profile on the HDMI card doesn't cause problems by itself.

I don't want to revert bae8c16b, because João needs to be able to
configure their systems to automatically switch to HDMI. Instead, this
patch utilizes the new blacklisting feature in module-switch-on-connect
to blacklist HDMI sinks by default. Switching to HDMI can be enabled by
setting the blacklist modarg to an empty string or something that
doesn't match HDMI sinks.

Fixes: pulseaudio/pulseaudio#749
parent 4dba56c1
......@@ -33,6 +33,12 @@
#include <pulsecore/namereg.h>
#include <pulsecore/core-util.h>
/* Ignore HDMI devices by default. HDMI monitors don't necessarily have audio
* output on them, and even if they do, waking up from sleep or changing
* monitor resolution may appear as a plugin event, which causes trouble if the
* user doesn't want to use the monitor for audio. */
#define DEFAULT_BLACKLIST "hdmi"
PA_MODULE_AUTHOR("Michael Terry");
PA_MODULE_DESCRIPTION("When a sink/source is added, switch to it or conditionally switch to it");
......@@ -202,7 +208,14 @@ int pa__init(pa_module*m) {
goto fail;
u->blacklist = pa_xstrdup(pa_modargs_get_value(ma, "blacklist", NULL));
u->blacklist = pa_xstrdup(pa_modargs_get_value(ma, "blacklist", DEFAULT_BLACKLIST));
/* An empty string disables all blacklisting. */
if (!*u->blacklist) {
u->blacklist = NULL;
if (u->blacklist != NULL && !pa_is_regex_valid(u->blacklist)) {
pa_log_error("A blacklist pattern was provided but is not a valid regex");
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