Commit add6e71e authored by Marijn Suijten's avatar Marijn Suijten 🦀 Committed by Georg Chini
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pulsecore/shm: Remove shm_marker struct packing for pa_atomic_t fields

Taking addresses of fields in a packed struct are not guaranteed to be
aligned, resulting in warnings such as:

    ../src/pulsecore/shm.c: In function 'sharedmem_create':
    ../src/pulsecore/shm.c:198:25: error: taking address of packed member of 'struct shm_marker' may result in an unaligned pointer value [-Werror=address-of-packed-member]
      198 |         pa_atomic_store(&marker->pid, (int) getpid());
          |                         ^~~~~~~~~~~~

The struct already has its fields and types laid out in such a way that
the desired packing (without padding) is guaranteed - enforce this with
a `static_assert` to get rid of the unaligned pointer warning.

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......@@ -91,7 +91,10 @@ struct shm_marker {
uint64_t _reserved2;
uint64_t _reserved3;
uint64_t _reserved4;
// Ensure struct is appropriately packed
static_assert(sizeof(struct shm_marker) == 8 * 5, "`struct shm_marker` is not tightly packed");
static inline size_t shm_marker_size(pa_mem_type_t type) {
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