Commit a71136be authored by Tanu Kaskinen's avatar Tanu Kaskinen
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virtual-source: Don't process the rewind during requesting it

The request_rewind() callback of the uplink sink called
pa_sink_process_rewind(), which is not allowed. Things are supposed to
happen so that first a rewind is requested, and then during the next
rtpoll loop the sink will process the request. Calling
pa_sink_process_rewind() during the request phase caused a crash.

Having a request_rewind() callback is completely unnecessary, because
it's only useful for forwarding the request to a downstream sink. In
this case there is no downstream sink.

I also set max_rewind to 0, because the sink doesn't support rewinding.

Fixes: pulseaudio/pulseaudio#775
parent bcc2162f
......@@ -151,18 +151,6 @@ static void sink_update_requested_latency_cb(pa_sink *s) {
/* Called from I/O thread context */
static void sink_request_rewind_cb(pa_sink *s) {
struct userdata *u;
pa_assert_se(u = s->userdata);
/* Do nothing */
pa_sink_process_rewind(u->sink, 0);
/* Called from I/O thread context */
static int source_process_msg_cb(pa_msgobject *o, int code, void *data, int64_t offset, pa_memchunk *chunk) {
struct userdata *u = PA_SOURCE(o)->userdata;
......@@ -675,7 +663,6 @@ int pa__init(pa_module*m) {
u->sink->parent.process_msg = sink_process_msg_cb;
u->sink->update_requested_latency = sink_update_requested_latency_cb;
u->sink->request_rewind = sink_request_rewind_cb;
u->sink->set_state_in_main_thread = sink_set_state_in_main_thread_cb;
u->sink->userdata = u;
......@@ -685,7 +672,7 @@ int pa__init(pa_module*m) {
/* FIXME: no idea what I am doing here */
u->block_usec = BLOCK_USEC;
nbytes = pa_usec_to_bytes(u->block_usec, &u->sink->sample_spec);
pa_sink_set_max_rewind(u->sink, nbytes);
pa_sink_set_max_rewind(u->sink, 0);
pa_sink_set_max_request(u->sink, nbytes);
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