Commit 9de895fe authored by Igor Kovalenko's avatar Igor Kovalenko Committed by PulseAudio Marge Bot
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bluetooth: add more call indicators

Part-of: <pulseaudio/pulseaudio!507>
parent 436a98a5
......@@ -597,13 +597,15 @@ static bool hfp_rfcomm_handle(int fd, pa_bluetooth_transport *t, const char *buf
rfcomm_write_response(fd, "+CIND: "
/* many indicators can be supported, only call and
* callheld are mandatory, so that's all we repy */
c->state = 2;
return true;
} else if (c->state == 2 && pa_startswith(buf, "AT+CIND?")) {
rfcomm_write_response(fd, "+CIND: 0,0");
rfcomm_write_response(fd, "+CIND: 0,0,0,0");
c->state = 3;
return true;
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