Commit 976fc1d0 authored by Igor Kovalenko's avatar Igor Kovalenko Committed by PulseAudio Marge Bot
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bluetooth: mSBC: ignore empty encoded frame

If input block size is shorter than SBC frame codesize, encoder will return 0.
Log this and skip whole input block.

Part-of: <!507>
parent 7d191b64
......@@ -170,8 +170,16 @@ static size_t encode_buffer(void *codec_info, uint32_t timestamp, const uint8_t
frame->padding = 0x00;
if (PA_UNLIKELY(encoded <= 0)) {
pa_log_error("SBC encoding error (%li)", (long) encoded);
pa_log_error("SBC encoding error (%li) for input size %lu, SBC codesize %lu",
(long) encoded, input_size, sbc_get_codesize(&sbc_info->sbc));
if (encoded < 0) {
*processed = 0;
return -1;
} else {
*processed = input_size;
return 0;
pa_assert_fp((size_t) encoded == sbc_info->codesize);
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