Commit 94e479b2 authored by Arun Raghavan's avatar Arun Raghavan
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ci: Go back to using CI templates from master

Consensus is that we prefer this to potentially remaining on older,
commits and manually updating at unknown frequency.
parent 04bf85cb
......@@ -18,14 +18,18 @@ variables:
# Update this tag when you want to trigger a rebuild the container in which
# CI runs, for example when adding new packages to UBUNTU_DEBS. The tag is
# an arbitrary string that identifies the exact container contents.
FDO_DISTRIBUTION_TAG: '2020-03-06-01'
FDO_DISTRIBUTION_TAG: '2020-03-07-01'
FDO_UPSTREAM_REPO: 'pulseaudio/pulseaudio'
# We pull templates from master to avoid the overhead of periodically
# scanning for changes upstream. This does means builds might occasionally
# break due to upstream changing things, so if you see unexpected build
# failures, this might be one cause.
- project: 'wayland/ci-templates'
ref: 'df52af2195b052325daf5d715c88be90f8ec7d86'
ref: 'master'
file: '/templates/ubuntu.yml'
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