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bluetooth: Add more variants of SBC codec

Specify configuration for Low, Middle, High and eXtreme Quality of SBC
codec. SBC codec in eXtreme Quality has higher quality than aptX.

Automatic Quality mode matches configuration of SBC codec which was used
before this change. Which means that it accept configuration between Low
and High quality.

Current SBC code was extended to allow definitions of arbitrary
configuration variants of SBC codec parameters.

SBC XQ testing is in following article:
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......@@ -29,6 +29,11 @@
extern const pa_a2dp_codec pa_a2dp_codec_faststream;
extern const pa_a2dp_codec pa_a2dp_codec_faststream_mic;
extern const pa_a2dp_codec pa_a2dp_codec_sbc;
extern const pa_a2dp_codec pa_a2dp_codec_sbc_lq;
extern const pa_a2dp_codec pa_a2dp_codec_sbc_mq;
extern const pa_a2dp_codec pa_a2dp_codec_sbc_hq;
extern const pa_a2dp_codec pa_a2dp_codec_sbc_xq1;
extern const pa_a2dp_codec pa_a2dp_codec_sbc_xq2;
extern const pa_a2dp_codec pa_a2dp_codec_aptx;
extern const pa_a2dp_codec pa_a2dp_codec_aptx_hd;
......@@ -37,13 +42,20 @@ extern const pa_a2dp_codec pa_a2dp_codec_aptx_hd;
/* This is list of supported codecs. Their order is important.
* Codec with higher index has higher priority. */
static const pa_a2dp_codec *pa_a2dp_codecs[] = {
&pa_a2dp_codec_faststream, /* Exactly same as SBC-LQ, but could provide lower latency */
&pa_a2dp_codec_faststream_mic, /* Exactly same as FastStream, but with voice backchannel */
&pa_a2dp_codec_sbc, /* SBC in automatic mode, from SBC-LQ to SBC-HQ; not SBC-XQ */
&pa_a2dp_codec_sbc_hq, /* SBC-HQ has similar quality as aptX */
&pa_a2dp_codec_sbc_xq1, /* SBC-XQ has similar quality as aptX-HD */
&pa_a2dp_codec_sbc_xq2, /* SBC-XQ has similar quality as aptX-HD */
unsigned int pa_bluetooth_a2dp_codec_count(void) {
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