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Update NEWS for 8.0

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PulseAudio 8.0
Changes at a glance:
* Automatic routing more likely to change profile
* OS X and NetBSD support improvements
* Systemd journal logging for clients
* New LFE balance programming interface
* Module-dbus-protocol improvements
* More flexible configuration file handling
* moved to a private directory
* New script for measuring memory consumption
* Various bug fixes and small improvements
Detailed change log:
Ahmed S. Darwish
Alexander E. Patrakov
Andrey Semashev
Arun Raghavan
David Henningsson
Deepak Srivastava
Felipe Sateler
Georg Chini
Jason Gerecke
John Horan
Juho Hämäläinen
Julien Isorce
Kamil Rytarowski
Kiran Krishnappa
Lev Melnikovsky
Manish Sogi
Mihai Moldovan
Mingye Wang
Nazar Mokrynskyi
Peter Mattern
Peter Meerwald
Pierre Ossman
Ross Burton
Shawn Walker
Takashi Iwai
Tanu Kaskinen
Thomas Petazzoni
Yuri Chornoivan
Zbigniew Kempczyński
jungsup lee
PulseAudio 7.0
Changes at a glance:
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