Commit 651e0db0 authored by Lyndon Brown's avatar Lyndon Brown
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proplist: tweak documentation for `pa_proplist_get()`

to clarify that only mutating proplist calls potentially invalidate results
of earlier get requests, thus addressing the confusion found at [1].


Part-of: <!536>
parent 1a194c99
......@@ -322,7 +322,8 @@ const char *pa_proplist_gets(const pa_proplist *p, const char *key);
/** Store the value for the specified key in \a data. Will store a
* NUL-terminated string for string entries. The \a data pointer returned will
* point to an internally allocated buffer. The caller should make a
* copy of the data before the property list is accessed again.
* copy of the data before any subsequent modification or destruction
* of the property list.
* Returns zero on success, negative on error. \since 0.9.11 */
int pa_proplist_get(const pa_proplist *p, const char *key, const void **data, size_t *nbytes);
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