Commit 5f4a1844 authored by pali's avatar pali

bluetooth: policy: Skip profile autoswitch when card is already managed

parent 0ff55afd
......@@ -204,6 +204,15 @@ static void switch_profile(pa_card *card, bool revert, void *userdata) {
if (!s || !pa_streq(s, "bluetooth"))
s = pa_proplist_gets(card->proplist, "bluetooth.protocol");
if (!s)
/* Skip card if is already managed by loopback module loaded from source_put_hook_callback() */
if ((u->enable_a2dp_source && pa_startswith(s, "a2dp_source")) || /* A2DP source with microphone backchannel */
(u->enable_ag && (pa_streq(s, "headset_audio_gateway") || pa_streq(s, "handsfree_audio_gateway"))))
if (revert) {
/* In revert phase only consider cards which switched profile */
if (!(ps = pa_hashmap_remove(u->profile_switch_map, card)))
......@@ -250,6 +259,9 @@ static bool ignore_output(pa_source_output *source_output, void *userdata) {
/* Ignore if recording from monitor of sink */
if (source_output->direct_on_input)
/* Ignore if source output is not movable */
if (source_output->flags & PA_SOURCE_OUTPUT_DONT_MOVE)
return true;
return false;
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