Commit 55c5ff84 authored by pali's avatar pali
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bluetooth: legacy_hsp: Stop all transports after unregistering profile from bluez

This is required for correct co-operation with hsphpfd bluetooth daemon.
parent ad8e7c59
......@@ -41,6 +41,7 @@ struct pa_bluetooth_backend {
pa_dbus_connection *connection;
pa_bluetooth_discovery *discovery;
bool enabled;
char *service_id;
PA_LLIST_HEAD(pa_dbus_pending, pending);
......@@ -277,6 +278,8 @@ static void register_profile_reply(DBusPendingCall *pending, void *userdata) {
goto finish;
b->service_id = pa_xstrdup(dbus_message_get_sender(r));
......@@ -307,12 +310,25 @@ static void register_profile(pa_bluetooth_backend *b) {
static void unregister_profile(pa_bluetooth_backend *b) {
DBusMessage *m;
const char *object = HSP_AG_PROFILE;
pa_hashmap *transports;
pa_bluetooth_transport *t;
void *state;
pa_log_debug("Unregistering HSP profile from BlueZ");
pa_assert_se(m = dbus_message_new_method_call(BLUEZ_SERVICE, "/org/bluez", BLUEZ_PROFILE_MANAGER_INTERFACE, "UnregisterProfile"));
pa_assert_se(dbus_message_append_args(m, DBUS_TYPE_OBJECT_PATH, &object, DBUS_TYPE_INVALID));
pa_assert_se(dbus_connection_send(pa_dbus_connection_get(b->connection), m, NULL));
pa_assert_se(transports = pa_bluetooth_transport_get_all(b->discovery));
PA_HASHMAP_FOREACH(t, transports, state) {
/* owner for legacy HSP and A2DP is same bluez, so we need to check also for provide */
if (!t->owner || !pa_safe_streq(t->owner, b->service_id) || t->profile != PA_BLUETOOTH_PROFILE_HSP_HEAD_UNIT)
/* Function pa_bluetooth_transport_free() is safe as it just calls pa_hashmap_remove()
* on current iterator entry and this is by pulseaudio hashmap structure allowed */
static void rfcomm_io_callback(pa_mainloop_api *io, pa_io_event *e, int fd, pa_io_event_flags_t events, void *userdata) {
......@@ -449,7 +465,6 @@ static DBusMessage *profile_new_connection(DBusConnection *conn, DBusMessage *m,
int fd;
const char *sender, *path, PA_UNUSED *handler;
DBusMessageIter arg_i;
char *pathfd;
struct transport_data *trd;
if (!dbus_message_iter_init(m, &arg_i) || !pa_streq(dbus_message_get_signature(m), "oha{sv}")) {
......@@ -484,9 +499,7 @@ static DBusMessage *profile_new_connection(DBusConnection *conn, DBusMessage *m,
sender = dbus_message_get_sender(m);
pathfd = pa_sprintf_malloc ("%s/fd%d", path, fd);
t = pa_bluetooth_transport_new(d, sender, pathfd, PA_BLUETOOTH_PROFILE_HSP_HEAD_UNIT, NULL, 0);
t = pa_bluetooth_transport_new(d, sender, path, PA_BLUETOOTH_PROFILE_HSP_HEAD_UNIT, NULL, 0);
/* Expects that remote HSP headset supports volume control and we do not need to use local softvol */
t->microphone_soft_volume = false;
......@@ -581,6 +594,8 @@ static void profile_done(pa_bluetooth_backend *b) {
b->service_id = NULL;
dbus_connection_unregister_object_path(pa_dbus_connection_get(b->connection), HSP_AG_PROFILE);
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