Commit 4fe06ac0 authored by pali's avatar pali Committed by Marijn Suijten

fixup! bluetooth: Add more variants of SBC codec

parent 6c03c79e
......@@ -332,8 +332,8 @@ static int cmp_endpoints_fixed_bitpool(const uint8_t *capabilities1_buffer, uint
const a2dp_sbc_t *capabilities2 = (const a2dp_sbc_t *) capabilities2_buffer;
int cmp;
pa_assert(capabilities1_size == sizeof(a2dp_sbc_t));
pa_assert(capabilities2_size == sizeof(a2dp_sbc_t));
pa_assert(capabilities1_size == sizeof(*capabilities1));
pa_assert(capabilities2_size == sizeof(*capabilities2));
cmp = cmp_endpoints_by_channels(capabilities1, capabilities2, default_sample_spec, for_encoding);
if (cmp != 0)
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