Commit 46dd3be8 authored by ckdo's avatar ckdo Committed by Georg Chini
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raop: Code clarification : Only free the I/O thread when everything is initialized

parent 7e6bb053
......@@ -169,9 +169,9 @@ static int sink_process_msg(pa_msgobject *o, int code, void *data, int64_t offse
pa_usec_t now;
now = pa_rtclock_now();
pa_rtpoll_set_timer_absolute(u->rtpoll, now);
u->write_count = 0;
u->start = now;
pa_rtpoll_set_timer_absolute(u->rtpoll, now);
if (u->sink->thread_info.state == PA_SINK_SUSPENDED) {
/* Our stream has been suspended so we just flush it... */
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