Commit 1a73fb9e authored by Martin Wilck's avatar Martin Wilck
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parecord: really fix recording OGG

432a91ed ("fix "Failed to open audio file" for FLAC and OGG)" claimed
to fix recording of OGG files with pacat, but it really fixed only
FLAC. This patch must be added on top to fix OGG, too.

Part-of: <!542>
parent 468e3669
......@@ -1067,9 +1067,12 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
* Endianness has been set in pa_sndfile_write_sample_spec(), but
* libsndfile errors out if endianness is set to anything other than
* SF_ENDIAN_FILE for OGG or FLAC. Clear it.
* For OGG, libsndfile accepts only subformat SF_FORMAT_VORBIS.
if (file_format == SF_FORMAT_OGG || file_format == SF_FORMAT_FLAC)
sfi.format = (sfi.format & ~SF_FORMAT_ENDMASK) | SF_ENDIAN_FILE;
if (file_format == SF_FORMAT_OGG)
sfi.format = (sfi.format & ~SF_FORMAT_SUBMASK) | SF_FORMAT_VORBIS;
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