Commit 1a194c99 authored by Igor Kovalenko's avatar Igor Kovalenko Committed by PulseAudio Marge Bot
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bluetooth: mSBC: log lost input audio packets at debug level

Part-of: <!507>
parent 6a929407
......@@ -273,7 +273,7 @@ static size_t decode_buffer(void *codec_info, const uint8_t *input_buffer, size_
uint8_t lost_packets = (4 + seq - sbc_info->msbc_seq++) % 4;
if (lost_packets) {
pa_log_error("Lost %d input audio packet(s)", lost_packets);
pa_log_debug("Lost %d input audio packet(s)", lost_packets);
sbc_info->msbc_seq = seq + 1;
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