Commit 24d939a1 authored by Nirbheek Chauhan's avatar Nirbheek Chauhan 🐜

meson: Fix gstreamer-gl-prototypes pkgconfig file on Windows

When we're using wgl, we have to link to `-lopengl32`, not `-lGL`.

Fixes building of anything that uses this pc file, such as the nvcodec

Part-of: <gstreamer/gst-plugins-base!803>
parent 391d09dc
......@@ -58,7 +58,11 @@ if build_gstgl
if gl_dep.type_name() == 'pkgconfig'
gl_proto_requires += ' gl'
elif gl_dep.type_name() == 'library'
gl_proto_libs += ' -lGL'
if 'wgl' in enabled_gl_platforms
gl_proto_libs += ' -lopengl32'
gl_proto_libs += ' -lGL'
elif gl_dep.type_name() == 'appleframework'
gl_proto_libs += ' -framework OpenGL'
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