pvr: vulkan: Add PVR_DEV_ADDR_* macros and pvr_dev_addr_* functions

The macros and functions are added to the top of pvr_winsys.h.

There are many instances where an integer value is assigned to the addr
field of a pvr_dev_addr_t. The macro PVR_DEV_ADDR() makes it obvious
that a type conversion is happening. PVR_DEV_ADDR_OFFSET() provides a
clean method for typing the expression "foo.addr = bar.addr + offset".

This patch also replaces the previous compound literal syntax, and uses
the existing PVR_DEV_ADDR_INVALID macro in a couple of instances where
PVR_DEV_ADDR(0) would have been used otherwise.

The functions are added to ensure type-safety and make operations
involving addresses more explicit. They include pvr_dev_addr_is_null()
to replace the expression "!foo.addr" and pvr_dev_addr_eq() to replace
"foo.addr == bar.addr".

Signed-off-by: Matt Coster <matt.coster@imgtec.com>
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