Skip the error handling via EnterVT during restore

There are couple of scenario's as below:
1) SystemSuspend-unplug-SystemResume
2) VTLeave-unplug-VTEnter

During the above scenarios, though unplug uevent is triggered after
resume/VTEnter by kernel, it wont reach modesetting driver (could be
that X is not Master). To fix this, invoking a function to update
the kms state during resume/VTEnter path.

Also the patch skips the modesetting error handling for missing and
disconnected connectors in resume/VTEnter path.
This is choosen to restore the older configuration as much as
possible so as to support older kernel implementation which can restore
once cables are plugged back.

Signed-off-by: Kishore Kadiyala <>
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