1. 22 Sep, 2020 1 commit
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      Skip the error handling via EnterVT during restore · d88a58c3
      Kishore409 authored
      There are couple of scenario's as below:
      1) SystemSuspend-unplug-SystemResume
      2) VTLeave-unplug-VTEnter
      During the above scenarios, though unplug uevent is triggered after
      resume/VTEnter by kernel, it wont reach modesetting driver (could be
      that X is not Master). To fix this, invoking a function to update
      the kms state during resume/VTEnter path.
      Also the patch skips the modesetting error handling for missing and
      disconnected connectors in resume/VTEnter path.
      This is choosen to restore the older configuration as much as
      possible so as to support older kernel implementation which can restore
      once cables are plugged back.
      Signed-off-by: Kishore409's avatarKishore Kadiyala <kishore.kadiyala@intel.com>
  2. 21 Sep, 2020 1 commit
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  7. 01 Sep, 2020 4 commits
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      xwayland: Replace need_rotate boolean with simple check on xdg-output · 727df0a7
      Roman Gilg authored and Olivier Fourdan's avatar Olivier Fourdan committed
      The need_rotate variable is only used once anymore and had semantics which lead
      to errors in the past. In particular when negated we are dealing with a double
      The variable gets replaced with a simple check on the xdg-output directly.
      Signed-off-by: Roman Gilg's avatarRoman Gilg <subdiff@gmail.com>
    • Roman Gilg's avatar
      Revert "xserver: Fix a typo" · da791ed9
      Roman Gilg authored and Olivier Fourdan's avatar Olivier Fourdan committed
      This reverts commit 427f8bc0.
      When receiving an output update for the mode size we need to rotate the stored
      width and height values if and only if we have an xdg-output for this output
      since in this case the stored values describe the output's size in logical
      space, i.e. rotated.
      The here reverted commit made a code change with which we would not rotate though
      when an xdg-output was available since in this case the need_rotate variable was
      set to False what caused in the check afterwards the first branch to execute.
    • Roman Gilg's avatar
      xwayland: Switch width and height argument order · 92f4a9ad
      Roman Gilg authored and Olivier Fourdan's avatar Olivier Fourdan committed
      That is just a small style-change to the output_get_new_size function. The
      function before did take first the height and then the width argument, what
      is unusual since resolutions are normally named the other way around, for
      example 1920x1080. Also compare the update_screen_size function.
      Therefore change the order of arguments for output_get_new_size.
      Signed-off-by: Roman Gilg's avatarRoman Gilg <subdiff@gmail.com>
    • Roman Gilg's avatar
      xwayland: simplify output_get_new_size function · 1805383d
      Roman Gilg authored and Olivier Fourdan's avatar Olivier Fourdan committed
      We can just read out the xdg_output field of the provided xwl_output to check
      if a rotation is necessary or not.
      This makes the function easier to understand. Additionally some documentation
      is added.
      Signed-off-by: Roman Gilg's avatarRoman Gilg <subdiff@gmail.com>
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  16. 28 Jul, 2020 1 commit
    • Huacai Chen's avatar
      linux: Fix platform device probe for DT-based PCI · 9fbd3e43
      Huacai Chen authored
      On a DT-base PCI platform, the sysfs path of vga device is like this:
      Then the ID_PATH from udev is platform-1a000000.pci-pci-0000:04:00.0 and
      the BusID will be pci-0000:04:00.0, which causes Xorg start fail. This
      is because config_udev_odev_setup_attribs() use strstr() to search the
      first "pci-" in ID_PATH. To fix this, we implement a strrstr() function
      and use it to search the last "pci-" in ID_PATH, which can get a correct
      Signed-off-by: default avatarHuacai Chen <chenhc@lemote.com>
  17. 24 Jul, 2020 1 commit
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      present: Check valid region in window mode flips · 591916ea
      Roman Gilg authored
      For Pixmap flips to have well defined outcomes the window must be contained by
      the valid region if such region was specified.
      The valid region is inserted as an argument to the check in window mode.
      Setting this argument is missing in screen mode as well but we ignore it for now
      and only add it to window mode.
      It seems there are none or only very few clients actually making use of valid
      regions at the moment. For simplicity we therefore just check if a valid region
      was set by the client and in this case do never flip, independently of the
      window being contained by the region or not.
      Signed-off-by: Roman Gilg's avatarRoman Gilg <subdiff@gmail.com>
  18. 22 Jul, 2020 4 commits
    • Roman Gilg's avatar
      present: Remove superfluous set abort flip function in window mode · bf794bd7
      Roman Gilg authored
      The function is never called from present_screen.c in contrast to the behavior
      in screen mode.
      In present_wnmd.c we can simply remove the function which does an unnecessary
      check of the property before setting it and directly set the property at the
      two locations the function was called previously.
      Signed-off-by: Roman Gilg's avatarRoman Gilg <subdiff@gmail.com>
    • Roman Gilg's avatar
      present: Idle vblanks any time in window mode · ab880b8b
      Roman Gilg authored
      With the newly introduced separate API method for idling a presented Pixmap in
      window mode we can simplify the logic by allowing calls to it at any point in
      This is done by setting the flip_idler flag if the Pixmap was idled before
      being presented.
      Signed-off-by: Roman Gilg's avatarRoman Gilg <subdiff@gmail.com>
    • Roman Gilg's avatar
      present: Notify via distinct API functions in window mode · 932c6bac
      Roman Gilg authored
      Notifying Present about events' states was done prior with the single function
      present_wnmd_event_notify just like in screen mode. But it is more intelligible
      if at least in window mode we make use of three different functions with names
      that directly indicate what their purpose is:
      * present_wnmd_event_notify only for queued events feedback.
      * present_wnmd_flip_notify for when a presentation occured (flip).
      * present_wnmd_idle_notify for when the Pixmap of the event can be reused.
      This is an API-breaking change in regards to window mode. DDX written against
      the previous version won't work anymore. It is assumed that there only exists
      the XWayland DDX at the moment using the window mode such that this is not an
      issue for the overall ecosystem.
      Signed-off-by: Roman Gilg's avatarRoman Gilg <subdiff@gmail.com>
    • Roman Gilg's avatar
      xwayland: Rename present event lists · f8211095
      Roman Gilg authored
      Rename the lists release_queue to release_list and event_list to
      The prior names release_queue and event_list were ambiguous: in both are event-
      like vblanks which can be removed from the lists in random order. In the
      release_queue can be flips that are already released but still wait for the
      sync or frame callback but normally the release comes later. In the event_list
      are queued events waiting for a later msc.
      Signed-off-by: Roman Gilg's avatarRoman Gilg <subdiff@gmail.com>