Commit 2587fa15 authored by Guilherme Gallo's avatar Guilherme Gallo Committed by Marge Bot
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gitlab-ci: Add sleep for every `` call

Add a time.sleep call between calls, since
they do not block. This will relieve some request pressure on LAVA

Signed-off-by: Guilherme Gallo's avatarGuilherme Gallo <>
Reviewed-by: Tomeu Vizoso's avatarTomeu Vizoso <>
Part-of: <mesa/mesa!12797>
parent 45801e1e
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......@@ -223,6 +223,11 @@ def follow_job_execution(proxy, job_id):
line_count += len(logs)
# `` does not block, even when there is no
# new log to be fetched. To avoid dosing the LAVA dispatcher
# machine, let's add a sleep to save them some stamina.
def show_job_data(proxy, job_id):
show = _call_proxy(, job_id)
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