1. 10 Apr, 2013 16 commits
  2. 03 Apr, 2013 6 commits
    • Gwenole Beauchesne's avatar
      vaapisink: improve check for raw YUV format mode. · 6136ebe5
      Gwenole Beauchesne authored
      Improve check for raw YUV format modes by avoiding checks against strings
      ("video/x-raw-yuv") for each new GstBuffer allocation. In the usual case,
      GstBaseSink::set_caps() is called first and if VA surface format mode is
      used, then GstBaseSink::buffer_alloc() is not called. If the latter is
      called before set_caps(), then we just make a full check. This one is
      pretty rare though, e.g. it usually happens once for custom pipelines.
    • Gwenole Beauchesne's avatar
      plugins: don't fail if there is no overlay composition to apply. · 378ea2e2
      Gwenole Beauchesne authored
      Fix gst_vaapi_apply_composition() to not fail if no overlay composition
      was found. i.e. return success (TRUE). This was harmless though extra
      debug messages are not nice.
      This is a regression introduced by commit 95b86596.
    • Gwenole Beauchesne's avatar
      vaapidecode: expose the exact set of supported HW decoders. · cadc42ea
      Gwenole Beauchesne authored
      Don't return static caps that don't mean anything for the underlying codecs
      that are actually supported for decoding. i.e. always allocate a VA display
      and retrieve the exact set of HW decoders available. That VA display may be
      re-used later on during negotiation through GstVideoContext "prepare-context".
      This fixes fallback to SW decoding if no HW decoder is available.
    • Gwenole Beauchesne's avatar
      decoder: drop obsolete functions. · e65726de
      Gwenole Beauchesne authored
      Drop the following functions that are now obsolete:
      - gst_vaapi_context_get_surface()
      - gst_vaapi_context_put_surface()
      - gst_vaapi_context_find_surface_by_id()
      - gst_vaapi_surface_proxy_new()
      - gst_vaapi_surface_proxy_get_context()
      - gst_vaapi_surface_proxy_set_context()
      - gst_vaapi_surface_proxy_set_surface()
      This is an API change.
    • Gwenole Beauchesne's avatar
      decoder: delegate surface size check to VA context reset. · 6e82da1e
      Gwenole Beauchesne authored
      Now that the surface pool is reference counted in the surface proxy wrapper,
      we can safely ignore surface size checks in gst_vaapi_decoder_ensure_context().
      Besides, this check is already performed in gst_vaapi_context_reset_full().
    • Gwenole Beauchesne's avatar
      decoder: simplify acquisition/release of spare surface. · e22a8630
      Gwenole Beauchesne authored
      Introduce gst_vaapi_surface_proxy_new_from_pool() to allocate a new surface
      proxy from the context surface pool. This change also makes sure to retain
      the parent surface pool in the proxy.
      Besides, it was also totally useless to attach/detach parent context to
      VA surface each time we acquire/release it. Since the whole context owns
      all associated VA surfaces, we can mark this as such only once and for all.
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