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Release 1.9.90

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=== release 1.9.90 ===
2016-09-30 Sebastian Dröge <>
releasing 1.9.90
2016-03-04 16:35:11 +0900 Vineeth TM <>
* gst/vaapi/gstvaapidecode.c:
* gst/vaapi/gstvaapidecodebin.c:
* gst/vaapi/gstvaapiencode_h264.c:
* gst/vaapi/gstvaapiencode_h265.c:
* gst/vaapi/gstvaapiencode_jpeg.c:
* gst/vaapi/gstvaapiencode_mpeg2.c:
* gst/vaapi/gstvaapiencode_vp8.c:
* gst/vaapi/gstvaapipostproc.c:
* gst/vaapi/gstvaapisink.c:
vaapi: use new gst_element_class_add_static_pad_template()
Signed-off-by: Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <>
2016-09-22 16:34:48 +0900 Hyunjun Ko <>
* gst/vaapi/gstvaapipluginbase.c:
plugins: reset textures at negotiation/shutdown
When caps reconfiguration is called, the new downstream frame size might be
different. Thus, if the downstream caps change,the display's texture map is
In addition, during pipeline shutdown, textures in texture map have to be
released, since each one have a reference to the GstVaapiDisplay object, which
is a dangerous circular reference.
Signed-off-by: Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <>
2016-09-22 16:34:38 +0900 Hyunjun Ko <>
* gst-libs/gst/vaapi/gstvaapidisplay.c:
* gst-libs/gst/vaapi/gstvaapidisplay.h:
* gst-libs/gst/vaapi/gstvaapidisplay_egl.c:
* gst-libs/gst/vaapi/gstvaapidisplay_egl_priv.h:
* gst-libs/gst/vaapi/gstvaapidisplay_glx.c:
* gst-libs/gst/vaapi/gstvaapidisplay_glx_priv.h:
* gst-libs/gst/vaapi/gstvaapidisplay_priv.h:
* gst/vaapi/gstvaapivideometa_texture.c:
libs: display{egl,glx}: cache GstVaapiTextures
instances when created and reuse
This patch improves performance when glimagesink uploads a GL texture.
It caches the GStVaapiTexture instances in GstVaapiDisplay{GLX,EGL}, using an
instance of GstVaapiTextureMap, so our internal texture structure can be found
by matching the GL texture id for each frame upload process, avoiding the
internal texture structure creation and its following destruction.
Signed-off-by: Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <>
2016-09-22 16:33:06 +0900 Hyunjun Ko <>
* gst-libs/gst/vaapi/
* gst-libs/gst/vaapi/gstvaapitexturemap.c:
* gst-libs/gst/vaapi/gstvaapitexturemap.h:
libs: vaapitexturemap: implement GstVaapiTextureMap
Implement GstVaapiTextureMap object, which caches VAAPI textures, so them can be
reused. Internally it is a hash table.
Note that it is GstObject based rather than GstVaapiObject, as part of the future
converstion to GstObject of most of the code.
Signed-off-by: Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <>
2016-09-21 09:55:53 +0300 Sreerenj Balachandran <>
* gst-libs/gst/vaapi/gstvaapiencoder_vp8.c:
encoder: vp8: Increase the allocation size for coded buffer
We are not getting enough compression for some streams and
encoded frame end up with more size than allocated.
Assuming a compression ratio of 4, which should be good enough
for holding the frames.
2016-09-21 09:52:21 +0300 Sreerenj Balachandran <>
* gst-libs/gst/vaapi/gstvaapiencoder_vp9.c:
encoder: vp9: Fix refresh frame flag setting
While doing the mode-1 referece picture selection,
the circular buffer logic was not correctly setting the
refresh frame flags as per VP9 spec.
Make sure refresh_flag[0] get updated correclty after
each cycle of GST_VP9_REF_FRAMES.
2016-09-14 18:42:09 +0200 Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <>
* gst-libs/gst/vaapi/gstvaapidecoder_h264.c:
vaapidecode: codec_data minimal size is 7
When the format of a H.264 stream is AVC3, the SPS and PPS are inside the
stream, not in the codec_data, so the size of codec_data might be 7.
This patch reduces the minimal size of the codec_data buffer from 8 to 7.
2016-09-14 16:29:01 +0200 Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <>
* gst/vaapi/gstvaapidecode.c:
vaapidecode: reset decoder hard when set_format()
set_format() is called by upstream when the stream capabilites has changed.
Before, if the new stream is compatible with the old one the VA decoder was
not destroyed. Nonetheless, with this behavoir, the VA decoder ignores
when the upstreamer parsers gets more details of the stream, such as the
framerate. Hence, when the src caps are negotiates, the further sink caps
updates are ignored.
This patch forces the VA decoder destroying and recreation when set_format()
is called.
2016-09-14 11:31:39 +0200 Sebastian Dröge <>
configure: Depend on gstreamer
2016-09-09 12:03:37 +0200 Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <>
* gst/vaapi/gstvaapivideomemory.c:
Revert "vaapivideomemory: load VA Image when mapping to write"
This reverts commit c67edea4aba35f16d9e97c78a0b49ad1b590b112.
2016-09-10 20:52:21 +1000 Jan Schmidt <>
* common:
Automatic update of common submodule
From b18d820 to f980fd9
2016-09-10 09:58:25 +1000 Jan Schmidt <>
* common:
Automatic update of common submodule
From f49c55e to b18d820
2016-09-08 16:16:09 +0900 Hyunjun Ko <>
* gst/vaapi/gstvaapipluginbase.c:
plugins: set allocator's image size to sinkpad bufferpool
Otherwise the buffer is always ditched by the bufferpool, losing performance.
2016-09-07 17:34:08 +0200 Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <>
* gst-libs/gst/vaapi/gstvaapisurface.c:
libs: surface: ensure composite overlay is not bigger
Ensure the composition overlay rectangle (subtitles) is not bigger than
the surface where it is going to be composited and rendered.
2016-09-07 17:51:23 +0900 Hyunjun Ko <>
* gst/vaapi/gstvaapivideomemory.c:
vaapivideomemory: load VA Image when mapping to write
When calling gst_video_frame_map() with GST_MAP_WRITE flag, it doesn't call
ensure_image_is_current(), which means it doesn't guarentee VAImage is valid
in this case.
2016-09-06 12:27:45 +0200 Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <>
* gst/vaapi/gstvaapidecode.c:
vaapidecode: merge vc1 and wmv3 elements
This patch merges vaapivc1dec and vaapiwmv3dec into a single
vaapivc1dec. Also, removed the WMVA format, since it is not
supported by libva.
2016-09-06 11:19:05 +0200 Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <>
* gst-libs/gst/vaapi/gstvaapidecoder_vc1.c:
decoder: vc1: fails only on advanced profile
In commit 2eb4394 the frame coding mode was verified for progressive
regardless the profile. But the FCM is only valid in the advanced
profile. This patch checks for the advanced profile before verifying FCM for
2016-09-01 12:39:15 +0200 Víctor Manuel Jáquez Leal <>
* gst/vaapi/gstvaapi.c:
vaapi: DISPLAY envvar as dependency
In a multiple video cards system, a X11 environment may have different VA
capabilities. This patch tracks the DISPLAY environment variable to
invalidates the GStreamer features cache. Also tracks WAYLAND_DISPLAY.
2016-08-26 14:55:17 -0700 Scott D Phillips <>
* gst-libs/gst/vaapi/gstvaapidecoder_vc1.c:
decoder: vc1: Fail only on actual interlaced frames
In the earlier patch:
f31d9f3 decoder: vc1: Print error on interlaced content
Decoding would error out if the interlace flag was set in the
sequence bdu. This isn't quite right because a video can have this
flag set and yet not have any interlaced pictures.
Here instead we error out when either parsing a field bdu or
decoding a frame bdu which has fcm set to anything other than
Signed-off-by: Scott D Phillips <>
2016-09-01 12:34:48 +0300 Sebastian Dröge <>
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=== release 1.9.2 ===
2016-09-01 Sebastian Dröge <>
2016-09-01 12:34:38 +0300 Sebastian Dröge <>
* ChangeLog:
releasing 1.9.2
* gstreamer-vaapi.doap:
Release 1.9.2
2016-08-16 11:58:38 +0300 Scott D Phillips <>
This is GStreamer 1.9.2
This is GStreamer 1.9.90
common @ f49c55ec
Subproject commit f980fd91c1c1fd01333966041a4a535366e897bd
Subproject commit f49c55ecd35a7436194d28297f6d6f20eb6a66fa
# gstreamer-vaapi package version number
m4_define([gst_vaapi_major_version], [1])
m4_define([gst_vaapi_minor_version], [9])
m4_define([gst_vaapi_micro_version], [2])
m4_define([gst_vaapi_nano_version], [1])
m4_define([gst_vaapi_micro_version], [90])
m4_define([gst_vaapi_nano_version], [0])
m4_if(gst_vaapi_nano_version, [0], [],
......@@ -16,17 +16,17 @@ dnl - interfaces added/removed/changed -> increment CURRENT, REVISION = 0
dnl - interfaces added -> increment AGE
dnl - interfaces removed -> AGE = 0
# gstreamer-vaapi library (libtool) version number
m4_define([gst_vaapi_lt_current], [902])
m4_define([gst_vaapi_lt_current], [990])
m4_define([gst_vaapi_lt_revision], [0])
m4_define([gst_vaapi_lt_age], [902])
m4_define([gst_vaapi_lt_age], [990])
# glib version number
m4_define([glib_version], [2.40])
# gstreamer version number
m4_define([gst_version], [])
m4_define([gst_plugins_base_version], [])
m4_define([gst_plugins_bad_version], [])
m4_define([gst_version], [1.9.90])
m4_define([gst_plugins_base_version], [1.9.90])
m4_define([gst_plugins_bad_version], [1.9.90])
# Wayland minimum version number
m4_define([wayland_api_version], [1.0.2])
......@@ -25,6 +25,15 @@
<file-release rdf:resource="" />
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