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      glupload: dmabuf: be explicit about gl formats used · 989f5338
      Sjoerd Simons authored
      Rather then letting gst_gl_memory_setup_buffer guess the GL format used
      for an eglimage after importing a dmabuf be explicit about it. This
      fixes issues where dmabuf import may have used another format then
      gst_gl_format_from_video_info would guess on the basis of the available
      GL extensions.
      In particular on etnaviv the gst_gl_format_from_video_info would
      assuming a luminance + alpha GL format is used for YUY2, but the dmabuf
      import will always use RG88. Which causes images to end up somewhat pink when
      displayed on the screen.
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      gl/egl: Determine correct format on dmabuf import · 99ac4e66
      Sjoerd Simons authored
      When importing an egl image from dmabuf gst_gl_format_from_video_info
      was used to work what the result GL format will be. Unfortunately that
      will only work if the conventional format and the choosen DRM fourcc for
      the format match up.
      On etnaviv platforms there is no support for GL_EXT_texture_rg, so the
      GL format chosen for YUY2 ends up being GST_GL_LUMINANCE_ALPHA. However
      DRM does not do luminance + alpha as it's a legacy GL thing, so the
      dmabuf import ends up using DRM_FORMAT_GR88.
      To fix this, tie the DRM_FORMAT and the GL format together so they
      always match up.
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