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CONTRIBUTING: How do I get started?

Attempt to answer the question on everyone's lips.
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Contributing to Weston
Finding something to work on
Weston's development is [tracked on GitLab](
In addition to reviewing code submissions (see below), we use the issue tracker
to discuss both bugfixes and development of new features.
The '[good for new contributors]('
label is used for issues the development team thinks are a good place to begin
working on Weston. These issues cover features or bugfixes which are small,
self-contained, don't require much specific background knowledge, and aren't
blocked by more complex work.
If you have picked an issue you would like to work on, you may want to mention
in the issue tracker that you would like to pick it up. You can also discuss
it with the developers in the issue tracker, or on the
[mailing list](
Many developers also use IRC through [Freenode]('s
`#wayland` channel; however you may need to wait some time for a response on
IRC, which requires keeping your client connected. If you cannot stay for a
long time (potentially some hours due to timezone differences), then you
may want to send your question to the list or issue tracker instead.
Sending patches
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