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## GStreamer Conference Videos and Slides
* <a href="">GStreamer Conference 2018: Videos and Slides</a> <a href="/data/events/gstreamer-conference/2018/">(PDF slides)</a>
* <a href="">GStreamer Conference 2017: Videos and Slides</a> <a href="/data/events/gstreamer-conference/2017/">(PDF slides)</a>
* <a href="">GStreamer Conference 2016: Videos and Slides</a> <a href="/data/events/gstreamer-conference/2016/">(PDF slides)</a>
* <a href="">GStreamer Conference 2015: Videos and Slides</a> <a href="/data/events/gstreamer-conference/2015/">(PDF slides)</a>
* <a href="">GStreamer Conference 2014: Videos and Slides</a> <a href="/data/events/gstreamer-conference/2014/">(PDF slides)</a>
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