Commit 77344166 authored by Surbhi Palande's avatar Surbhi Palande
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Removed the previously added term_handler for the following reasons:

1) You need to disconnect from the dbus_server and unref it only once.
This must happen when mountall finishes mounting all the filesystems. If
mountall is terminated before that then this would be because of an
erroroneous condition on which you want to shut down and so restarting the
mountall Server would not be necessary.
parent eb3da141
......@@ -230,7 +230,6 @@ void plymouth_answer (void *user_data, const char *keys,
ply_boot_client_t *client);
void usr1_handler (void *data, NihSignal *signal);
void term_handler (void *data, NihSignal *signal);
int set_dev_wait_time (NihOption *option, const char *arg);
......@@ -3752,10 +3751,10 @@ main (int argc,
/* Handle TERM signal gracefully */
nih_signal_set_handler (SIGTERM, nih_signal_handler);
NIH_MUST (nih_signal_add_handler (NULL, SIGTERM, term_handler, NULL));
NIH_MUST (nih_signal_add_handler (NULL, SIGTERM, nih_main_term_signal, NULL));
nih_signal_set_handler (SIGABRT, nih_signal_handler);
NIH_MUST (nih_signal_add_handler (NULL, SIGABRT, term_handler, NULL));
NIH_MUST (nih_signal_add_handler (NULL, SIGABRT, nih_main_term_signal, NULL));
/* SIGUSR1 tells us that a network device came up */
nih_signal_set_handler (SIGUSR1, nih_signal_handler);
......@@ -3831,12 +3830,3 @@ usr1_handler (void * data,
newly_mounted = TRUE;
nih_main_loop_interrupt ();
void term_handler (void * data,
NihSignal *signal)
dbus_server_disconnect (control_server);
dbus_server_unref (control_server);
nih_main_term_signal (data, signal);
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