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......@@ -25,6 +25,39 @@ This is a temporary tool until
itself gains the necessary flexibility to perform this processing; you
should not rely on its behaviour.
.BR \-\-daemon
\ Detach and run in the background
.BR \-\-force-fsck
\ Force check of all filesystems
.BR \-\-fsck-fix
\ Attempt to fix all fsck errors
.BR \-\-no-events
\ Do not emit events after mounting filesystems
.BR \-\-dev\-wait\-time=\fIvalue\fP " (in seconds)"
(Default is 30 seconds, Legal value
is between 1 to 2147483647)
In case of (bootwait,timeout): specify
the time to wait for device to be detected
.BR \-q " , " \-\-quiet
\ Reduce output to errors only
.BR \-v " , " \-\-verbose
\ Increase output to include informational
.BR \-\-help
\ Display this help and exit
.BR \-\-version
\ Output version information and exit
Written by Scott James Remnant
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