Commit ac3c9ba9 authored by Szunti's avatar Szunti
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Fix locale dependent behaviour in

'stat ... | grep Modify' fails on non english locales. stat -c '%y'
used in most of the places, but one exception remained.
parent 23cede3e
......@@ -155,9 +155,9 @@ dotest "Keep mtime of the font directory"
cp "$FONT1" "$FONTDIR"
touch -d @0 "$FONTDIR"
stat "$FONTDIR" | grep Modify > out1
stat -c '%y' "$FONTDIR" > out1
stat "$FONTDIR" | grep Modify > out2
stat -c '%y' "$FONTDIR" > out2
if cmp out1 out2 > /dev/null ; then : ; else
echo "*** Test failed: $TEST"
echo "mtime was modified"
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