Commit 5cd11d19 authored by Ben Wagner's avatar Ben Wagner
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Fix wild frees and leak of fs in test-conf.

Reported by AddressSanitizer when running test-conf. The `query`,
`result`, and `result_fs` were not initialized to NULL so could result
in a wild free when first initialized.

The `method` was also not initialized to NULL so comparisons could be
made against random data if it had not yet been assigned.

The outer `fs` was never destroyed, but is also not used, so remove.
parent d55eaa6b
......@@ -158,7 +158,6 @@ static FcBool
run_test (FcConfig *config, json_object *root)
json_object *tests;
FcFontSet *fs;
int i, n, fail = 0;
if (!json_object_object_get_ex (root, "tests", &tests) ||
......@@ -167,15 +166,15 @@ run_test (FcConfig *config, json_object *root)
fprintf (stderr, "W: No test cases defined\n");
return FcFalse;
fs = FcFontSetCreate ();
n = json_object_array_length (tests);
for (i = 0; i < n; i++)
json_object *obj = json_object_array_get_idx (tests, i);
json_object_iter iter;
FcPattern *query, *result;
FcFontSet *result_fs;
const char *method;
FcPattern *query = NULL;
FcPattern *result = NULL;
FcFontSet *result_fs = NULL;
const char *method = NULL;
if (json_object_get_type (obj) != json_type_object)
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