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Document FC_DEBUG values (bug 6393). Document name \ escape syntax.

Limited FC_DEBUG documentation (just shows values and vague idea of what
they're related to). Also document \ escape syntax for font names, including
how family name and values have different escape requirements.
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<!ENTITY confdir SYSTEM "confdir.sgml">
Copyright © 2003 Keith Packard
Permission to use, copy, modify, distribute, and sell this software and its
......@@ -215,8 +213,46 @@ Here are some examples:
Monospace:matrix=1 .1 0 1 The users preferred monospace font
with artificial obliquing
The '\', '-', ':' and ',' characters in family names must be preceeded by a
'\' character to avoid having them misinterpreted. Similarly, values
containing '\', '=', '_', ':' and ',' must also have them preceeded by a
'\' character. The '\' characters are stripped out of the family name and
values as the font name is read.
<refsect1><title>Debugging Applications</title>
To help diagnose font and applications problems, fontconfig is built with a
large amount of internal debugging left enabled. It is controlled by means
of the FC_DEBUG environment variable. The value of this variable is
interpreted as a number, and each bit within that value controls different
debugging messages.
Name Value Meaning
MATCH 1 Brief information about font matching
MATCHV 2 Extensive font matching information
EDIT 4 Monitor match/test/edit execution
FONTSET 8 Track loading of font information at startup
CACHE 16 Watch cache files being written
CACHEV 32 Extensive cache file writing information
PARSE 64 (no longer in use)
SCAN 128 Watch font files being scanned to build caches
SCANV 256 Verbose font file scanning information
MEMORY 512 Monitor fontconfig memory usage
CONFIG 1024 Monitor which config files are loaded
LANGSET 2048 Dump char sets used to construct lang values
OBJTYPES 4096 Display message when value typechecks fail
Add the value of the desired debug levels together and assign that (in
base 10) to the FC_DEBUG environment variable before running the
application. Output from these statements is sent to stdout.
<refsect1><title>Lang Tags</title>
Each font in the database contains a list of languages it supports. This is
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