1. 11 Sep, 2003 6 commits
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  4. 23 Apr, 2003 1 commit
    • Marc Aurele La France's avatar
      136. Fix bug that prevented fbman from using the last partial scanline of a · 544ee9bb
      Marc Aurele La France authored
          Mach64 framebuffer (Marc La France).
      135. Make ATI Mach64 FIFO cache integrity testing optional (Marc La
      134. Export ATI Mach64 hardware overlay as an XVideo adaptor (derived from
          GATOS project, Egbert Eich, Marc La France).
      133. Reorganise ATI Mach64 support into separate source files (Marc La
      132. Refine atimisc's decoding of the panel mode on server entry in an
          attempt to reduce the effect of atyfb bugs (Marc La France).
      131. Make Rage128 and Radeon XVideo available even when 2D acceleration is
          disabled (Marc La France).
      130. There is no longer any need to require hardware cursors during Rage128
          and Radeon XVideo displays (Marc La France).
      129. Initialise v4l's XVideo adaptors last (Marc La France).
      128. Reduce cut&paste effects by adding more helpers to Xv (derived from
          #5645, Björn Augustsson, Marc La France).
      127. Centralise a region comparison primitive into 'mi' and use it instead
          of local definitions throughout the server (Marc La France).
      126. DPMSExtension & XvExtension driver cleanups (Marc La France).
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    • Egbert Eich's avatar
      319. Moved LdPreLib define after the vendor/OS specific config files as it · a2637ba1
      Egbert Eich authored
          may depend on setting done there (Egbert Eich).
      318. Several fixes for cross compile environment (Egbert Eich).
      317. Added code to allow for building of static only libraries with
      -fPIC for platforms which require it (Egbert Eich).
      316. Added '-m32' to gcc flags as default for ia32 builds when gcc version
          is >= 3.1. This allows building a 32 bit Version of X on 64bit x86-64
          (Egbert Eich).
      315. Changed direct calls of ld to 'gcc -nostdlib' for Linux (Egbert Eich).
      314. Changed calls to as to 'gcc -c -x assembler-with-cpp' for Linux
          (Egbert Eich).
      313. Added '-fno-strict-aliasing' flag to gcc version >= 3.1 (Egbert Eich).
          Strict requires that one address must not contain pointers to different
          types - a feature heavily used by X (Egbert Eich).
      312. Fixed a core dump problem in libXtt (?) (Egbert Eich).
      311. Removed '#pragma pack' from structures that contain function pointers
          in x86emu. This causes problems on gcc 3.1 for ia64 (Egbert Eich).
      310. Added defines for missing X types to saverproto.h (Egbert Eich).
      309. Fixed compiler warings generated by gcc >= 3.1 in mesa drivers (Egbert
      308. For platforms that allow both 32 and 64 bit libraries to be executed
          split Xlib i18n modules path into
          <libpath>/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/lib/common and
          <libpath>/X11R6/lib/X11/locale/lib64/common. 'lib64' has been defined
          to be the default path for 64bit shared libraries on these platforms
          (Egbert Eich).
      307. Fixed obvious typo in OMlib (Egbert Eich).
      306. Fixed code in cfb that didn't comply with C sequence rules. Modern C
          compilers tend to be more aggressive on code reordering (Egbert Eich).
      305. Changed arguments of NoopDDA() from VarArgs to void. Handling of
          VarArgs by gcc isn't compatible with the way it was used on certain
          platforms (Egbert Eich).
      304. Added support for 32bit pixmaps for 24bit overlay framebuffers in fb
          overlay code (Egbert Eich).
      303. Fixed kdrive to print a meaningful error message instead of just core
          dump when no matching graphics cards is found (Egbert Eich).
      302. fixed portability bug in xwd (Andreas Schwab <schwab@suse.de>)
      301. fixed X Server crash, which happended each time a proportional
          iso10646 font was loaded with xtt backend (Yong Li
      300. Added some ARM specific fixes to compiler.h (Uli Hecht).
      299. Added a virtual 'dummy' driver (Egbert Eich).
      298. Fixed core dump when certain access functions are not set in xf86Bus.c
          (Egbert Eich).
      297. Fixed problem where SIGIO could be disabled after a server reset.
      296. Added configurable list of devices the xf86Misc extension is allowed
          to change the mouse device to (Egbert Eich).
      295. Changed default mouse type to 'auto' when generating config file with
          '-configure' (Egbert Eich).
      294. Made sure keyboard modifier settings are consistent after exit from
          DGA when the xkb extension is used (Egbert Eich).
      293. Disabled keyboard processing when Xserver is suspended by power
          management. This allows effective locking of laptops when stolen
          (Egbert Eich).
      292. Added/improved options for lockfile syncing (Egbert Eich).
      291. Added support for backup copy of Xserver logfile (Egbert Eich).
      290. Fixed GetTimeInMillis() to use deltas instead of absolute time
          returend by gettimeofday(). This ensures time is monotonic in X (Egbert
      289. Fixed xf86Misc extension to allow modification of Expps2 mice (Egbert
      288. Made code in xf86MiscExt.c more readable (Egbert Eich).
      287. Fixed PCI CardBus bridge handling (Egbert Eich).
      286. Added code to reenable PCI bus mastering after coming back from a VT
          switch to radeon driver (Charl P. Botha <http://cpbotha.net/>) (Egbert
      285. Dito for r128 driver (M. Harris).
      284. Dito for glint and mga driver (Egbert Eich).
      283. Fixed double scan issues for low res modes in C&T driver (Egbert
      282. Set rgbBits to 8 for all HiQV chips in chips driver (Egbert Eich).
      281. Moved initialization of accel funtions past initialization of
          offscreen fb manager in chips driver (Egbert Eich).
      280. Fixed initialization of video in chips driver (?).
      279. Fixed HALlib problem restoring text mode on G550 (Egbert Eich).
      278. Restructured and included Matrox's Merged Framebuffer changes to mga
          driver (Egbert Eich).
      277. G450/550 clockchip programming fixes (Matrox).
      276. Fixed HW Cursor for HALlib frame granularity (Egbert Eich).
      275. Enabling 2D accel in 24-bit for neomagic 2360 and 2380 (Egbert Eich).
      274. Added support for builtin 1024x480 mode of Sony subnotebooks for
          Neomagic driver (Egbert Eich).
      273. Fixed support for lowRes (320x240) modes in neomagic driver (Egbert
      272. Fixed RAC function registration in S3 driver (Egbert Eich).
      271. Added some voodoo to screen initialization of S3 driver (Egbert Eich).
      270. Fixed vbe/int10 support in SMI driver. It used to core dump when BIOS
          was not usable (Egbert Eich).
      269. Separated BRIGHTNESS and and CAPTURE_BRIGNTESS video attributes in smi
          driver: CAPTURE_BRIGHTNESS refers to the capture chip (ie. Philips
          SAA7110) while BRIGHTNESS controls the video overlay of the SMI chip
          itself (Egbert Eich).
      268. Disable automatic loading of DRI when running SUN ffb as this is
          inconsistent with other drivers (Thorsten Kukuk).
      267. Fixed Gamma/Brightness code in trident driver (Egbert Eich).
      266. Added FpDelay debugging option (Egbert Eich).
      260. Fixed video support for Trident 9397 (Egbert Eich).
      265. Fixed Cursor/VT switch support for vmware driver (Egbert Eich).
      264. Fixed Blit problems in vmware driver when running KDE (Egbert Eich).
      263. Added RENDER support to vmware driver (Egbert Eich).
      262. Added C&T 69030 to extrapci.ids (Egbert Eich).
      261. Improved mouse autodetection code (Egbert Eich).
      260. Restructured int10 code so that vm86 and x86emu support can be loaded
          as modules. Implemented heuristic to try vm86 first and fall back to
          x86emu. This allows 32 bit Xservers to run on x86_64 on 64-bit kernel
          without vm86 support (Egbert Eich).
      259. Restructured elf loader: determine which section to load from
          elfheader flags (Egbert Eich).
      258. Adding RENDER Support to RAC (Egbert Eich).
      257. Using borderClip instead of borderSize region for redisplay function
          in miext/shadow code to avoid core dumps when vt switched away (Egbert
      256. Replacing sprintf() by snprintf() in lbxproxy to eliminate possible
          buffer overrun exploits (Egbert Eich).
      255. KP_Decimal fixes to Czech and Slovak keybards (Jan Holesovsky
          <kendy@suse.cz>) (Egbert Eich).
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