Commit f88d76cf authored by Eric Anholt's avatar Eric Anholt Committed by Zhigang Gong

glamor: Enable glamor_fill_spans().

x11perf -wline100 performance goes from 8.8/sec to 111/sec.
parent a63df0c5
......@@ -45,7 +45,8 @@ glamor_fill_spans(DrawablePtr drawable,
int fullX1, fullX2, fullY1;
int partX1, partX2;
goto fail;
if (gc->fillStyle != FillSolid && gc->fillStyle != FillTiled)
goto fail;
extents = REGION_EXTENTS(gc->pScreen, clip);
extentX1 = extents->x1;
......@@ -101,7 +102,7 @@ glamor_fill_spans(DrawablePtr drawable,
glamor_fallback("to %p (%c)\n", drawable,
glamor_fallback("glamor_fillspans(): to %p (%c)\n", drawable,
if (glamor_prepare_access(drawable, GLAMOR_ACCESS_RW)) {
if (glamor_prepare_access_gc(gc)) {
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