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Commit b8d90c5e authored by Marc Aurele La France's avatar Marc Aurele La France
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407. Fix for threaded libraries (Marc La France).

406. Finish removal of SuperProbe (Marc La France).
405. A rather large number of warning fixes throughout (Marc La France).
404. Fix bug in HTML install script (Marc La France).
403. Missing ident lines for some XFree86-modified files (Marc La France).
402. Add default half-width doublescanned modes (Marc La France).
401. Mark all driver-registered resources with ResBus (Maarc La France).
400. Fix DPMS-related build problem (Marc La France).
399. Log a message just before calling each ChipProbe() during '-probe'
    processing (Marc La France).
398. Temporarily disable ISA probing on SPARCs and PowerPCs (Marc La
397. Add PCI IDs for Sun hardware (Marc La France).
396. Fix memory leak in resource relocation (Marc La France).
395. Do not relocate resources that only conflict with disabled non-video
    PCI devices or disabled PCI ROMs (Marc La France).
394. Re-organise SBUS code (Marc La France).
393. Add as-yet-unused definitions for PCI resource types other than I/O
    and memory (Marc La France).
392. Add doc for Solaris, but don't format it yet (Marc La France).
391. Normalise driver names (Marc La France).
390. For SPARCs, disable DGA support in ATI driver (Marc La France).
389. Clean up some debugging messages (Marc La France).
388. Fix newport driver for when a /proc fs isn't mounted (Marc La France).
387. Fix DAC handling bugs in s3 driver (Marc La France).
386. Fix resource registration bug for PCI Tseng's (Marc La France).
385. Add aperture driver for Solaris (not yet used) (Marc La France).
384. Rework scanpci to fix problems that prevented it from completely
    displaying non-PCI bridges and Simba bridges (Marc La France).
383. Fix build problems in some input drivers (Marc La France).
382. Fix int10 compile problem for SPARCs and PowerPCs (Marc La France).
381. Ensure master aborts on secondary buses complete normally during PCI
    scans (Marc La France).
380. Some memory mapping and Solaris cleanups (Marc La France).
parent a8518b35
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