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tests: Check if loading a pre-built binary keep working with libfprint

The libfprint tod fake library is built using using libtod v1.90.1+tod1
and we need to ensure that it will continue working until we won't
change ABI/API.
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......@@ -196,11 +196,10 @@ endif
if get_option('tod')
tod_envs = envs
tod_envs.set('FP_TOD_DRIVERS_DIR', meson.current_build_dir())
tod_envs.set('FP_TOD_KEEP_MODULES_OPEN', 'TRUE')
tod_envs.set('FP_VIRTUAL_FAKE_DEVICE', 'yes')
tod_envs.append('FP_DRIVERS_WHITELIST', 'fake_test_dev_tod')
tod_envs.set('FP_TOD_TEST_DRIVER_NAME', 'fake_test_dev_tod')
tod_envs.prepend('LD_LIBRARY_PATH', meson.build_root() / 'libfprint/tod')
tod_c_args = [
......@@ -233,6 +232,17 @@ if get_option('tod')
tod_dirs = {
'fake_test_dev_tod_current': meson.current_build_dir(),
machine = run_command(meson.get_compiler('c'), '-dumpmachine').stdout().strip()
if machine.startswith('x86_64-')
tod_dirs += {
'fake_test_dev_tod_v1': meson.current_source_dir() / 'tod-drivers',
foreach test_name: tod_unit_tests
basename = 'test-' + test_name
sufix = test_name.endswith('-tod') ? '' : '-tod'
......@@ -246,12 +256,20 @@ if get_option('tod')
link_with: test_utils_tod,
suite: ['unit-tests', 'tod'],
args: [test_exe],
env: tod_envs,
depends: fake_driver,
foreach tod_driver, tod_dir : tod_dirs
tod_test_envs = tod_envs
tod_test_envs.prepend('FP_DRIVERS_WHITELIST', tod_driver)
tod_test_envs.set('FP_TOD_DRIVERS_DIR', tod_dir)
tod_test_envs.set('FP_TOD_TEST_DRIVER_NAME', tod_driver)
test(test_name + '-' + tod_driver,
suite: ['unit-tests', 'tod', tod_driver],
args: [test_exe],
env: tod_test_envs,
depends: fake_driver,
......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@
#define FP_COMPONENT "fake_test_dev_tod"
#define FP_COMPONENT "fake_test_dev_tod_current"
#define FP_COMPONENT "fake_test_dev"
# TOD drivers to use for testing
This directory is used by the test-suite to load and verify pre-built drivers.
For main testing this directory should contain the "fake_test_dev" driver (AKA
test-device-fake) built using the minimum libfprint TOD we want to support.
In this way the library is loaded during tests and tested for all the upstream
tests and particularly test-fpi-device.
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